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Mabel was one of the first three-year olds to attend St. Paul's Preschool, our first building project. Every time I met her she had a huge smile. Several summers as I would say my last good-bye, she would turn her head to hide the tears rolling down her sweet little face. I would end up running over to give her another big hug and tell her I would see her again soon.

Mabel is now 12 going into the seventh grade. In 2018 she will finish middle school just as the new high school is ready to open but Mabel's parents cannot afford the $400 associated fees for school. This situation will be repeated over and over for girls in the village. Many girls will become carriers, carrying heavy loads on their heads at a market. Some will sell water or other goods on busy highways, hoping to earn money for school. Too often, these girls become pregnant, beaten or hit by a car.

With your help, we can break this cycle of poverty by providing funds for high school. Join us today and change a life.